Drying time

In more ways than one…

Unexciting – three lots of washing on the line because it is so lovely and sunny with a nice breeze – perfect.

Also unexciting – more rose petals drying out.   I have never tried drying white ones before – they will probably just go all yellow or brown – but I thought I would try it and see what happens:


Also not sure what I will use them for but as I often buy white roses it makes sense to try something.

Hope you are all having a good day.

Until tomorrow…




8 thoughts on “Drying time

  1. I’ve always fancied a rose petal bath, but not so much scooping them all out afterwards. I’m filling a vase with dried roses at the moment. It’ll take a few weeks I expect as Lidl roses last ages. xx


  2. When I were a lass, my cousin and I made vile rose petal perfume by putting rose petals in a jam jar and filling it with water. Stir every few days until slimy, strain and apply. I’m gagging at the memory of that smell now!


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