Round up

I haven’t blogged for a couple of days.

The week tailed off in a rather disappointing way with a series of small bits of bad  news which left me feeling rather deflated.

But it is now the weekend and Flo is off for half term so it is a case of slapping a smile on my face and keep buggering on – if it was good enough for Churchill…

Shoe shopping today.   Flo has some new summer clothes because she has grown too much to fit in to any clothes from last year but no shoes yet so we will be off in to town shortly to rectify that situation.

Hopefully a barbecue tomorrow – mainly because I don’t want to cook at roast.  But, it is a bank holiday weekend and I haven’t looked at a weather forecast yet so outdoor eating might not be do-able.

Bank Holiday Monday will be spent at the Sherborne Castle show.  We are meeting up with Flo’s best friend (and family) from her old school whose grandparents live down this way.

I hope you all have good plans for the weekend.

I did eat this lovely colourful salad for lunch the other day:


A colourful picture to end a rather flat, dull post.

Until tomorrow…




8 thoughts on “Round up

  1. sorry you’ve been feeling deflated. I know that feeling only too well.

    Yes, it’s half term, which is nice. And I think you will be eating inside, the weather is going to be a bit rubbish.

    Your salad looks lovely. x


    1. Thank you! The forecast is a bit mixed and seems to change every day. Hope you have nice plans for half term whether it be restful days at home or trips out. We are doing a bit of both.


  2. The salad looks so good. I’m a big lover of beetroot. Sorry to hear you’ve had one of those weeks. Sometimes it seems to be one thing after another doesn’t it. Hope the shoe shopping went well. Thomas now has several new pairs of joggers hanging in his wardrobe so that’s him sorted for a few months! It’s beautiful here today, a little too hot to sit out for too long actually, so fingers crossed your BBQ is al fresco. Have a lovely day with your friends and hope the coming week is better for you. xx


    1. Beetroot is tasty – a great addition to salads.
      It has been one of those weeks. They happen to us all, I know, and we get through them. Hopefully circumstances will change for the better soon.

      Sounds like you might shop for Thomas as I shop for Flo – buy in bulk so that you don’t have to go too often! Shoe shopping is done – smart sandals for dresses and decent canvas pumps for all non-dress occasions. Weather seems to be holding out so BBQ is all set ready to go in a couple of hours. Have a lovely half term. x


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