Days out

We spent our Bank Holiday Monday at the Sherborne County Fair.

It was in the grounds of Sherborne Castle and it was a lovely day.

We managed to get there and back without any traffic hold-ups, which I thought was good for a bank holiday.   Flo loved spending the day with her best friend from her old school and we parents all had a good catch up too.

There were A LOT of sheep.  Also pigs, cattle, working horses, dogs, ducks, geese, chickens, turkeys.   Plus  much more.  A side saddle riding display which was much more interesting than it probably sounds.   Lots of lovely craft stalls, horseback falconry(!), Dragon boat races, display of heavy horses with wagons, morrismen and so many things for the children to do.

The only photos I took have Flo and her friend in so I can’t put them up here.

Oh, and the best ice-cream I have ever had.

I don’t often do the whole Bank Holiday day out thing – too many people, too much traffic, I’d usually rather be at home.   But, yes there were a lot of people, but it was a big place so at no point felt crowded and oppressive, luckily no traffic problems and the weather stayed just right.  Some sun but cloud cover now and again.

Today Flo has one of her friends from her current school coming over for the day and we are off to Hestercombe Gardens.  To be honest after a day out yesterday I would rather have an at home day but this was the only day her friend was free so…

Off to make another picnic!

Until tomorrow…





4 thoughts on “Days out

  1. Have fun! I love days out in the holidays just to break them up a bit. We like places where they can just run around and be loopy for a while without worrying! Enjoy your day out today. 😀


  2. sounds lovely. I’d rather stay home too, which is lucky, because that’s exactly what I did. Bill and Violet met his sister at some owl sanctuary. I think I had the better day! ;o) x


    1. I’m all for a day out now and then but a day at home is just the thing sometimes too. Flo and I have not left the house today! It has rained quite a lot but we planned a day at home anyway after two busy days out.


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