Sort of stash-busting

A little bit of sock knitting is on the go at the moment.

I know it is not really the weather for knitted socks but I thought I would get ahead for autumn/winter.

I had quite a lot of yarn left from my extreme knitting rug:

DSCN3056[1]I used 13 balls of yarn for this but did not use each ball to the end. Once it was long enough and I had done the tassels there was small amounts of each ball left.

So I thought I would use them up for sock knitting:


With contrasting heels and toes I should get a few pairs of socks from this lot.  As you can see from the photograph, one pair is underway.

Once I have used all this up I will get started on the second extreme rug.   Same colours, same number of balls and I want it the same size (this is so we can have one either side of the bed) so there will be yarn left over at the end of that too – more socks I guess!

It is a lovely day here, lots of washing flapping away in the breezy sunshine.   OH is off today so he and Flo are off together doing father/daughter stuff that seems to involve scooters, bikes, bug hunting, things with sticks(?) and four Equestria Girl dolls keeping them company!   I’ve got some work to do so I am letting them get on with it.

I hope you are all having a good day.

Until tomorrow.




4 thoughts on “Sort of stash-busting

  1. Socks are something I’ve never knitted. They always look so complicated it amazes me how people do them. Sounds like Flo, Daddy and the ‘girls’ will be having lots of fun. xx


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