Not a lot

A title which sums up what I have to write really…

The half term has been lovely.  We spent yesterday having a picnic with friends in a local park which has a fabulous play area so Flo and my friend’s two girls played for hours while friend and I chatted.

Sock knitting has been progressing.   Had a good meeting on Thursday about a work development which is very promising.

Flo and OH have cycled in to town – Flo has some saved pocked money and wants to get her next Equestria girl doll, they are also planning a library visit.   I am at home and about to disappear in to the garage/workshop to make soap.

All in all an uneventful weekend planned but that is good as we need to wind down before school starts again on Monday.

Menu plan for the week:

Saturday:  homemade pizza

Sunday:  roast chicken

Monday:  white fish,  vegetables, mash, parsley sauce

Tuesday:  courgette and spring onion fritters with salad

Wednesday:   Chick pea burgers, rice and salad

Thursday:  tuna and pasta, salad

Friday:  homemade chip night.

I hope you are all having a good weekend.

Until tomorrow…





2 thoughts on “Not a lot

  1. it sounds like you’ve had such a good half term. Ah, equestria girls. I remember that phase. Now it’s all Ever after High/monsters high. I’m always getting told off for getting it wrong! No prizes for guessing what she asked for for her birthday.

    the courgette and spring onion fritters sound really nice, do you have a recipe you can share? I love courgette, but rarely buy or grow them as I don’t know what to do with them.



    1. I have heard of Ever After High so I am mentally preparing myself for the upgrade! half term was good thanks, hope yours was too. I will share the courgette and spring onion fritter recipe – it is an adaptation of a recipe I’ve seen so I will check that it works first and if it does I will share the recipe. I hope Violet had a lovely birthday – double figures now!


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