Dare I say it….?

I hate gardening!

I love to look at a well tended garden.  I really appreciate the beauty of a well cared for, well planned garden.  I love to grew a few flowers and some tomatoes and a few salad leaves in the summer.  I love reading blogs written by people who love gardening.

But I hate gardening.   To me it is like outdoor housework, no sooner is it done than it needs doing again.

We are now starting to look for a place to buy down here – we wanted to rent for a few months because it was such a big move we wanted to get a feel for the area before we decided exactly where we wanted to live.   Flo is settled at her new school, OH is settled in his new job and my work is sorting itself out so it is time to get organised and find our forever home here.

I am rejecting places on the grounds of what size the garden is.   Small is fine!   The garden we have here in this rented property is quite big, front and back although, mercifully smaller than our old place which was huge.  However  I have still spent hours today grass cutting, border trimming, raking and generally tidying.      I wish I enjoyed it more – it is exercise, fresh air, all things good for me but…

I wish I enjoyed it more!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend.


5 thoughts on “Dare I say it….?

  1. It’s taken me years to admit to myself I don’t like gardening either. I like to do a few pots each year, but that’s about it. Hate anything like cutting the grass, weeding, hoeing, strimming etc. Totally agree with everything you’ve said, it’s like having another room to clean. I love how we’ve done ours. It certainly wouldn’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but on a sunny day all we do is throw the cushions on the furniture and plonk ourselves down. Perfect 🙂 xx


    1. From the photos I have seen on your blog of your garden it does look very appealing, low maintenance but a space that can be enjoyed. I think I will be aiming to do very similar when we find a house we like. x


  2. I like veggie gardening, and cutting roses, but all the hard stuff I leave to Bill. He gardens every day and loves it so much :O) Though sometimes, when he’s really busy and our garden looks a bit neglected, I threaten that I’m going to hire a beefy gardener with a six pack. ha ha :O) x


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