More nom nom nom

Courgette and spring onion fritters for dinner tonight.

These were super easy to make.


Grate about 1 and a half courgettes (then squeeze hard to get as much water out as possible)

Chop four or five spring onions

100g plain flour

Lots of chopped parsley

3 medium eggs

250g grated cheese (I used strong cheddar and gouda)

Lots of seasoning

3 tablespoons of milk

Put all the ingredients in a big bowl and mix – the mixture will be like a thick lumpy batter (mmm… doesn’t that sound good!).

Heat some oil in a frying pan.

Half a ladle of mixture to the pan, flatten out and cook, when it has had a couple of minutes flip it over and cook the other side, put on a plate in a warm oven and do the next one.

These were really good and got the thumbs up from OH and Flo.  I have made courgette fitters before but not with the a significant cheese element, so these were a combination of a courgette fritter recipe and a cheese fritter recipe (Delia).   And it worked.


Eaten with lots and lots of salad and a very yummy beetroot and red onion chutney.

I hope you have all had a good day.   Today, for me, was mostly cleaning and a bit of work.  Tomorrow some private tutoring and off to view a house.

Until tomorrow…



8 thoughts on “More nom nom nom

  1. yum. thank you. I shall give these a try. Just for myself though, Bill and Violet would turn their noses up at them, but it’s right up my street.
    courgettes on my shopping list this week! xx


  2. Same as Sadie, these would be perfect for me, especially with the beetroot chutney, but there has to be meat on Mark’s plate every time or it’s not a meal 😦 Good luck with the house viewing. Hope you find something soon. xx


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