Another school week crossed off…

The school year does seem to be flying by.

We have looked at three houses this week but none were for us.   No big deal as we are not in a big rush.

As yet our plans for the weekend remain flexible, I’ve got some things to go to tomorrow morning and early afternoon so Flo and OH will probably go for a bike ride and a play in the park.

Sunday we have the option of going to a big food and craft fair not far from us, but we haven’t made up our minds about it yet.

I am on the 2nd sock of my 2nd pair of stash busting socks – they are very pink!

Menu plan for the week ahead:

Saturday:  ragu

Sunday:  belly pork, roasted vegetables and cous cous

Monday:   tuna and mozzarella stuffed peppers with tabbouleh, and salad

Tuesday:  sausages, wild rice, salad

Wednesday:  risotto verde

Thursday:  pasta with a sauce made out of whatever needs using up

Friday:  Home made chip night.

Thank you for the childhood injury stories – I have enjoyed reading them, which sounds all wrong but I hope you know what I mean!

I hope you all have plans to suit for the weekend,.

Until tomorrow…



4 thoughts on “Another school week crossed off…

  1. the school year has whizzed by. makes me sad actually, how quickly the years melt away. Next year Violet will leave Primary school and go up to high school. That makes me sadder than I can put into words.


    1. I know, it is going by far too quickly. Moving on from primary is huge – I do understand how you feel. I keep telling Flo that we need to find and press a slow motion button to stop her growing up so fast!


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