Workers’ Educational Association

I went to a series of lectures yesterday at the Taunton Museum about the WEA.   Founded in 1903 they have committed to offering lifelong learning and adult education for over 100 years.   A socialist movement in origin that firmly believes in the importance of education for all walks of life at any point in a persons life.   It is still the largest voluntary sector provider of adult education in the UK.

I have always been passionate about adult education.  I was technically a ‘mature student’ when I went to university as I didn’t go straight from school but worked for a few years first and started my higher education at 25, expecting to be there for 3 years to get a degree but staying for a lot longer to also do an MA and PhD.   Organisations like the WEA and OU (for whom I teach) are so important in giving people a second chance or, indeed, a first chance to pursue further education at a time in their life when it suits them.


Today we are off to the West Country Food and Living Fair.

A craft village, farmers market and children’s area.   Something for me, something for OH and something for Flo – what more could we want!

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend.

Until tomorrow…





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