The stash is a little more busted.

The leftover wool from the extreme knitting rug is slowly being used up.


Mostly pink but with a little bit of white.

One more pair to make and then on with the rug for the other side of the bed – leaving more spare wool to make more socks!  I am going to have very cosy feet next winter.

For every new knitted pair I am rummaging in my drawers (insert pun of your own choice here) and getting rid of an old tatty pair.   I have discovered I have a lot of old tatty socks.

We had a nice time at the craft fair and farmers market yesterday  Flo went on a couple of rides, OH sampled some of the food on offer, I had a good browse but didn’t spend any money – which I was quite pleased about.  The summer holidays are looming and whilst I do try to keep a good balance between days at home and days out, if you do go out and about, even taking a picnic, there is still usually parking to pay, perhaps an ice cream.  None of these things are expensive individually but over many weeks it does all add up.

Anyway, time to get on with some work  – module timetables to plan for the autumn term.  Have a good Monday everyone.

Until tomorrow…



8 thoughts on “The stash is a little more busted.

  1. Hi. Just realised you had disappeared off my side bar list for some reason, but you are back again. Loving the socks. Glad you enjoyed your day out. I used to work for Macmillan Cancer Relief in Taunton and I write to a lady who has a shop/gallery in Taunton called Gingerfig.


    1. Thank you! I didn’t realise you had connections here. I know the Gingerfig, it is a lovely little shop/gallery. That little Bath Place area is a really nice part of the main town, with a character of its own and quite different from the main streets and chainstores. If ever you come back for a visit we will have to meet up!


  2. Sounds like a lovely day out. The best kind are when there’s something of interest for everybody. Know what you mean about things adding up. If we stop for a coffee/soft drink and cake for the 4 of us we can be handing over £15-£20. Used to love a picnic in the park when Amy and Thomas were younger. It was a cheap day out as well as they don’t even like ice cream 🙂 xx


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