50 ways with…


Okay, not really 50 ways but – I do see the humble tin of tuna as quite a staple in my general meal repertoire.

Noses here are never turned up at tuna pasta bake, tuna on pizza (with the salty kick of anchovies of course!), Flo would eat tuna, pasta and sweetcorn seven days a week if I let her (I don’t, but she does get it once a fortnight or so as it is her absolute favourite dinner), tuna fishcakes – always yum, tuna salad if it is really hot and I really don’t want to cook, tuna sandwiches for picnics are always enjoyed.

Last night I mixed one tin of tuna with two chopped mozzarella balls, seasoned well and stuffed six pepper halves which were then roasted in the over for about 30 minutes:



We had these with tabbouleh and a red onion and cherry tomato salad and it was all really good.   When I told Flo what we were having she really wasn’t keen but she did tuck in and enjoy them.

We now have one green pepper languishing in the fridge waiting to be used – does anyone really like green peppers?

Until tomorrow…




6 thoughts on “50 ways with…

  1. oh, I was going to put my hand up for the green pepper but I see it’s already been taken! Nice recipe. I’d give it a whirl if I didn’t live with a family of tuna haters :o/


    1. Next time I have a spare green pepper I shall send it your way!! Tuna haters – oh dear. I really would struggle with menu planning if I couldn’t count on a tuna based dish on a regular basis.


  2. I think I need to come and live with you. The food you make is just the sort that I love. Mark is a meat and 2 veg type of man but I’m tempted to serve him a stuffed pepper just to see his face. I buy a pack of 3 peppers from Lidl every week, green, yellow and red and just chop them up into the salad. Nobody would ever chose a green pepper but it gets eaten without anybody realising it xx


    1. You would be welcome any time!!

      It has taken me a long time to convince OH that a meal can still taste good even if there is no meat – he would still always rather have meat but as I do all the shopping and cooking then I get to be the boss! I also point out to him that making him more healthy will/should make him live longer which is very altruistic on my part as his life insurance is worth a fortune!


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