Fast and loose

I have made fast and loose with my promises to forward on an unwanted green pepper!!

Because I have used it – I know!  And there was me saying ‘does anyone really like green peppers?’.

The dinner planned for last night was risotto verde and I was intending to use courgette, spring onions and garden peas, but I replaced the garden peas with the green pepper and I can happily say it was delicious.   So, the best way to eat a green pepper is finely chopped and in a risotto.

OH enjoyed it, Flo had the face of a wounded martyr the whole time she was eating it, but she did eat it.

Will definitely make it again especially when I have a green pepper to use up.


Arborio rice, chicken stock, one finely chopped green pepper (!), one chopped courgette, 5 chopped spring onions and an obscene amount of parmesan cheese – what’s not to like!

I hope you are all having a good week.

Until tomorrow…




4 thoughts on “Fast and loose

  1. ooh, yum, that looks so good. Well done Flo, your description of her face made me laugh. Violet will eat 2 grapes, act as if she’s made some huge sacrifice, and fully expect to be rewarded with a glut of chocolate. The fact that ‘green & good’ (my term for all things fruit & veg!) are more important is totally lost on her!


    1. The whole fruit and vegetable issue can be a battle can’t it. Flo is good on some things but ‘variety’ can be a battle of wills! I like the idea of two grapes as being some sort of heroic sacrifice!


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