Official photographer

Flo’s school is off to another school in the area for a big athletics meet this afternoon.

Flo has been given the job of ‘official photographer’.    Which she is enormously proud about and sees as a huge honour.

I acted as a mother should – ‘that is marvellous, well done my darling.’

And tried to ignore the little bit inside of me that quietly shrivelled up with shame as I accepted the fact that she has inherited my (lack of) athleticism.

The things we do to our children!!

Until tomorrow…




5 thoughts on “Official photographer

  1. that’s so lovely though. And actually, I bet she has more fun. Sports Day is brewing this week, Violet hates it, and I’m sure all the parents do too. It goes on far too long. Still. I’ll be there. Fake cheering and pretending to be interested.

    I’m not sporty either! ha ha. :O)


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