Catch – up

I didn’t manage to get near my laptop all weekend so I have lots of blog reading to catch up on.

I hope you all had a good weekend.

Ours was busy and lazy in equal measure – a good balance.

Saturday we were out for most of the day and Sunday we barely put a foot outside the door – in our defence it was raining a lot.

Flo and OH did spend a lot of time in the garage yesterday playing on electic guitars – the amp is kept in the garage as it all gets too loud for me to cope with in the house when both of them have their guitars plugged in.  I stayed in the house, did some knitting and watched the tennis.

Menu for the week has been planned and shopped for:

Sunday (was):  roast pork and all the usual roast trimmings

Monday:  tortilla with chorizo and peppers with lots of salad

Tuesday:  home made falafel and salad

Wednesday:   vegetable fritters (Flo has requested sweetcorn ones) with salad

Thursday:  tuna and pasta

Friday:  homemade chip night.

This is a salad heavy week so I hope the weather improves a bit as at the moment it is pouring with rain and feels cold.

Have a good Monday everyone.

Until tomorrow…



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