I was wondering what to call this post – I think perhaps nationality would have been the best title but I didn’t want anyone to think it was a political post to do with the vote on Thursday – which it most certainly isn’t.  I wish to keep this blog free of politics and potential causes of disquiet.      The post is intended to be a more lighthearted look at what makes us who we are and how we perceive ourselves.

And I am afraid that it is connected to football!    As you are probably aware there were a couple of football matches last night that would have been important to lots of people in England and Wales.

They were on the tv at exactly the same time, as both teams were in the same group.  I was born and raised in England but don’t care that much about football, so wasn’t bothered about seeing the match.   OH really wanted to see the Wales game.

OH is Welsh, although any trace of an accent is long gone.  He left Wales as soon as he was old enough to leave home and has never, at any point, expressed any desire to go back.  His brother and sister also did the same, and they moved their mother to England when she was no longer able to live alone, (their father had died when OH was 5) so that they could be nearer to her and take care of her – I should stress that she was happy to come.

OH does not speak a word of Welsh, does not know the Welsh national anthem.  In fact he says the best thing about the fact that he had a stammer as a child was that instead of having to do Welsh language lessons he was excused so that he could have speech therapy sessions.

However, whenever there is rugby or football on that involves Wales  OH comes over all Bore da and could not be more Welsh!

(It was an exciting match though, and Wales did play brilliantly, winning 3-0.  And as the England match was a 0-0 draw, we definitely watched the right one!).

But a Welsh-ness that comes and goes is questionable, I feel!

Have a good Tuesday everyone.

Until tomorrow…

P.S.   This post is in no way meant to offend anyone Welsh or any residents of Wales, just me puzzling over the fickleness of my OH in regard to the land of his fathers!





14 thoughts on “Roots

  1. Having recently moved to Wales we were TOTALLY Welsh last night as England were TOTALLY rubbish!! Don’t watch ‘team’ football if you know what I mean at all but do like the odd international game.


    1. Of course! I was actually thinking of you when I was writing this, and all the efforts you are all making to learn Welsh and embracing your move so fully, which is so great.

      I did get really engrossed in the game too – I even put down my knitting! I’m like you, have no interest in following a ‘team’ but do appreciate when a game, whatever the game, is played well.


  2. It’s definitely just a football thing at Number 38. We come over very ‘Three Lions’ when England are playing. But if they get knocked out we’re quite happy to take on any other nationality within the UK. Depending on how you look at it, I guess you could see this as being fickle or being a full integrated UK citizen 🙂 However, considering we get to effectively send in 4 teams every time and we never seem to win anything I can’t say I feel much pride in our efforts! xx


  3. I am refusing to watch football, although I did annoy Bill when the Portugal v England game was on, because I declared my support for Portugal! ha ha. Well, my favourite guitarist is Portuguese, and as he’s gorgeous and supports them, I thought I’d side with him. Didn’t go down too well I can tell you! ;o) x


    1. I always get the giggles when the cameras cut to grown men in the crowd crying because their team are losing (and sometimes crying when their team are wining) – I mean, get a grip it’s just a game.


  4. I am born n bred in England ( I’m sure great great great granny on o e side was Welsh ) however, my heart does belong to Wales and I yearn to be Welsh! I’ve supported Wales Rugby team for well over a decade now. It stems from seeing them being the utter underdogs and I fell in love with them! I’ve seen them rise n fall but I can’t help it! Things can get tense round here when there’s Wales v England on betwixt my menfolks n me!!! But the football does bore the pants off me. We watched Game of Thrones which left me breathless then turned it over to catch the end of the kickyball. I fell asleep England were so dull! Bit it was the commentators that did my head in. Droning over and over how England were dominating – well if they were that dominating shouldn’t it gave been 20 nil?!!! Gah!
    I can’t wait for this to be over so Emnerdale can get back to normal!!!


    1. I think I am always going to use the word kickyball from now on! Yes, I’m glad we watched the Wales match as the England match sounded very dull and football commentators on an endless audio loop would, I think, make a very effective form of torture. I’d talk, I’d give up every secret just to make it stop.


  5. Who would have thought you would get so many comments on football from women? If only the men knew this was an option for them! For my part, I think of myself as English/British but of Irish descent. So in some ways I can be partisan for any ‘home nations’ victory and claim it as I am English, Irish and Celt! BTW – I don’t just follow your blog for the footie news!


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