Decisions have been made!

The next lot of knitting will be with cotton yarn.

I have a pattern for a cardi for Flo that will work with cotton  yarn which I think would make a nice summer cardi when she needs something over bare arms.

I also have an urge to knit some cotton facecloths.   I use a lot of facecloths – a fresh one every day for my whole facial cleansing thing so I think I might knit myself some as the bought ones are getting tatty, and I think it would make very portable holiday knitting.

With that all decided I am about to have myself a little bit of an online yarn buying session – and I might get a bit carried away as I have just had my royalties payment through!   Oh yes,  time to spend the big bucks – okay, I might be over egging things a little.

I get a royalty cheque once a year for an academic book I wrote – sadly, there is very little money in academic publishing!     You know the film The Railway Children, when the mum and the children are ‘poor’ because the dad has ‘gone away’ (when they live in that big house in the country and still have a servant – that’s the kind of poor I could get on board with) anyway I digress, they are poor and the mother writes stories and every time she gets one published there are ‘buns for tea’.   Academic publishing royalties are ‘buns for tea’ kind of sums.    So I wont be getting too carried away with my yarn purchasing.

But any kind of yarn shopping is fun shopping even if it means I spend the money on yarn and there are no buns for Flo’s  tea!

I hope you are all having a good day.

Until tomorrow…




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