Will I ever learn…

That I am too old to stay up all night?

I did it last year on election night and yesterday OH and I decided that we would stay up and watch the results come in through the night on the referendum so I have currently been awake for 30 hours.  I am not going to get in to whether I was disappointed or pleased with the final result because that is not the sort of blog I want to write.

I decided at about midnight that I needed a new knitting project to get me through the early hours, it will be a day or so before my yarn purchases arrive after all…



Tonight I think I will probably go to bed at the same time as Flo.  It is going to be a long day…

Until tomorrow…




8 thoughts on “Will I ever learn…

  1. I had to go into Ipswich town centre today and everywhere was unusually quiet, made me wonder if everyone had stayed up all night and hadn’t made into work!


  2. Seriously impressed with your all nighter. I went to bed but woke up at 3am so decided to get up. By 5.30am I was shattered. Love the slippers especially the pom poms. xx


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