Where will it end…

And I am talking about nothing more important than knitting.

I now have knitted slippers avec pom poms!


OH, I fear, thinks things are getting a little out of hand now…  This wasn’t helped when he saw the cotton yarn that arrived in the post yesterday, asked me what it was for, and I said I was planning on knitting facecloths – he didn’t know that knitted face (and dish) cloths was a thing.

He mumbled something about ‘we need a new suitcase for the holiday, are you planning on knitting that too?’

He has seen pictures of yarn bombing and I think he is worried about what he might come home to one day.

Seems the England football team embraced the whole Brexit idea and last night give a  demonstration of just how quickly it is possible to leave Europe.

Come on Wales for Friday.

Until tomorrow…





12 thoughts on “Where will it end…

  1. My DH said – Why are you knitting or crocheting all the time? He thinks I’m aiming to cover Lancashire in yarn. I said it was relaxing and a stress buster but he said that it wasn’t for him. Tough!


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