Just a little bit

of retail therapy.

I really am not much of a spender but I needed new toiletry bags for the holiday (the ones I had were decades old, tatty, split and really rather horrible).

So I had a little spend on some new ones:


And there is a great shop in Taunton called ‘And Sew to Knit’ where I needed to pick up a few supplies for some craft projects post-holiday.


Now to get on with some work…

Until tomorrow…




7 thoughts on “Just a little bit

  1. Really like the pattern on the fabric. Have you been watching the sewing bee. I cry at the end of every one! I think I’d like Charlotte to win although Jade is do good for her age and Joyce is just a scream.Saw on t’internet yesterday that one of the contestants from an early series has recently died from a form of anaemia.


    1. I do like the sewing bee and this has just reminded me that I haven’t seen the episode from this week yet – was watching the football on Monday – I think I will I-player it now! I hadn’t heard that about the previous contestant, that is sad.


  2. ooh, a bag of sewing goodies is always so much fun.

    Not much of a spender. Hmm. Understand the words, but not sure I understand the sentence! ;o)

    Sewing Bee, Violet and I would love Jade to win, she’s so good for such a young age, but truthfully, I’d be equally happy for Joyce to win though she makes some really basic mistakes (says the person who couldn’t do anything that they have to do).

    They had an ‘in memory of’ bit at the end of one of the episodes, which I thought was a really sweet and touching thing to have done.



    1. I like Charlotte, I noticed this week that she realised Tracey was doing something wrong and told Tracey to stop her getting in more of a pickle and she heled Jade too. I do remember seeing an in memory thing flash up but didn’t make the connection with a previous contestant.


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