A lot to catch up on.

Hello.   I have got a lot of catching up to do, I haven’t read any blogs or really been on line for just over a fortnight.  We did have internet access while away but I decided to have a proper break but now I have got lots of my favourite blogs to catch up on – which could take a while!

Our Cornwall holiday was fabulous.    We had great weather and had a lovely mix of busy days visiting lots of places and some lovey beach days.

Looe beach was our beach of choice and we had some lovely days here.  Flo turned in to a little mermaid and could not get enough of swimming in the sea and getting quite proficient with a body board.   She claimed the water wasn’t cold but it was!  However, once you are in you are in and you soon warm up.

Visited lots of great places – Lanhydrock House (National Trust) a great Victorian house – the kitchens were fascinating!    Mount St Michael (also National Trust) with great views, fascinating house, lovely gardens.  The tide was in when we arrived so we got the boat over and walked back.    Tintagel Castle – what a great place but what a lot of steps!   The views were worth it however.  Bodmin town and for the museum and Shire Hall, Jail etc and a long walk over Bodmin moor in the afternoon.   Flo, with the aid of my brother and OH, climbed to the very top stone of the Cheesewring, I stayed a bit further down (not good with heights [which also made lots of Tintagel a bit of a challenge!] trying not to have a panic attack!)  Screech Owl Sanctury (twice), it is all about owls for Flo at the moment (I blame Hedwig in Harry Potter), a lovely place though and very interesting.  As well as lots of different owls there were also Alpacas (We’re Alpacas from the Andes, we’ve got hooves instead of handies… – isn’t it funny how those tunes for tv shows your child watched some years ago stay with you!), miniature ponies, Emu birds, racoons and meercats.  And a couple of very feisty goats.   And really engaged and knowledgeable staff.    We did also have lunch at Jamaica Inn and explored the museum.

There was more but you get the idea – lots done but still plenty of other places left to visit which is why we plan to go again next year!

My brother and his partner joined us for five days (they live in Dubai) and came to us in Cornwall for a break before heading on to Paris and then Rome before heading back to the UAE.    It was lovely to see them, with my brother living so far away we only see year other every couple of years – we have yet to go out to Dubai but we are hoping we might manage that next year.   Flo loved being able to spend time with them, and they with her.  The last time my brother and I were in Cornwall together was in 1979 the year before my father died, our last family holiday, so there was something quite special about being there together again, as grown ups.

Now, as I am sure you know, there are lots of rules to abide by when visiting Cornwall, laws even:

  1.  You must eat traditional Cornish pasties
  2. Cream teas must be consumed
  3. Good fish and chips must be sought and eaten (preferably on the sea front)


  1. Oh yes – complied very enthusiastically with this one, multiple pasties consumed.
  2. Yes.  However, I expected to comply with this more enthusiastically than I did.   The spirit was willing but due to law no.1 an afternoon cream tea often just wasn’t physically possible.   I only managed two.  Clearly I need to go back and try harder.
  3. A little place called ‘The Catch’ on the East Harbour in Looe – cooked fresh for you so you have to wait a little while but, oh my goodness, worth the wait, we popped here more than once and took our fish and chips back to the beach.  This also impacted on my poor compliance with law no.2.


There are lots of photos but too many to choose from and other people’s holiday snaps are pretty dull really so I wont bore you with more than a few:

  1. Alpacas (from the Andies, they’ve got hooves instead of handies…)
  2. Flo and an owl
  3. Child buried in the sand – traditional
  4. Child locked in a jail – controversial
  5. Brother’s partner on top of the Cheesewring – don’t have a photo of Flo up there as was too  scared to look but they took one and are emailing it to me.
  6. Brother who likes to headstand his way around the world.
  7. Unfortunately(!) the one of me emerging from the skin with cold, purple/blue mottled skin wouldn’t load – what a shame!!







I hope you have all had a good couple of weeks.  I will catch up on all my favourite blogs but I wont get it done in one day so bear with me as I catch up with you all and leave comments.

Enjoy your Tuesday.

Until tomorrow…




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