Vitamin D

I am a bad mother and Flo is clearly on her way to getting rickets.

We did not leave the house yesterday.   Luckily we didn’t need to go anywhere so we didn’t.

I don’t hate the hot weather but unless you are by the sea or next to a pool then 30 degrees is a bit much for doing much.   So we did very little.

Flo stepped in to the garden at one point and came straight back in saying ‘it’s just too hot!’  She had said the day before that she wanted to make chocolate muffins yesterday but when I suggested this the reply I got was ‘Mummy, it is much too hot to do cooking!’    So we didn’t cook.

We read, did some sewing, watched a film and generally flopped around.   Today we are going for a swim, local indoor pool only but better than nothing.

Enjoy your Wednesday, until tomorrow…


8 thoughts on “Vitamin D

  1. Luckily we live on the coast and have had a breeze even on very hot days. I generally enjoy hot weather, but I do hate the hot, sticky nights especially as I’m of a certain age and get night sweats even in midwinter. You still enjoyed a lovely day with Flo, and I am sure she gets plenty enough Vit D on less sweltering days.


    1. Hello Helen, nice to hear from you. I have been keeping an eye on Frugal Knitwit for a new post – I do hope all is well with you?

      Yes the hot nights are not fun, even Flo was still awake at 11.30 last night because she was too hot to sleep.


  2. It has been ghastly hot. Not nice hot. Nice hot is when there is a breeze, and you don’t have sweat pouring off you if you even do something small like lift a glass of water to your lips. This morning I did housework and have had to shower and change. TMI?!

    Good to see you back. Where are the holiday pics?

    oh, and you are not a bad mother. Violet will live in her jim jams for the next six weeks I’m sure and I don’t even feel vaguely guilty at the prospect! ;o) x


    1. There are a few holiday pics on the post before this one.

      Tuesday was sill hot, I did the absolute bare minimum and still showered twice!

      Glad to her that Violet likes to spend lots of time in her jim jams Flo often asks for PJ days! I think that when every minute of their school day is timetabled and structured they like to do the complete opposite quite often. x


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