A little sewing

I have managed to spend a little time at the sewing machine this week.

Nothing wildly exciting, just some bunting for a craft fair stall on Saturday.


Going through holiday photos I found this one:


The wife of the 4th Baron St Levan of St Michaels Mount working on a hexi-quilt.  I took the photo in order to inspire me to get on and finish the beast:


But it has been too hot this week to sit and sew with this in my lap!

Until tomorrow…



2 thoughts on “A little sewing

  1. love your bunting. And love that painting. St Michael’s Mount is one of my all time favourite places to have visited, absolutely going to go back again some day. Love that she’s pictured working on her quilt.

    Agree. Too hot for pretty much anything this week. Stupid rotten weather. x


    1. It is such a great place and I love that it is a self contained little community there. Also one of the nicest pasties and a glass of cider for lunch – what could be better!

      Yes the weather has curtailed our activities somewhat! x


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