Craft fair fun

I did my first craft fair on Saturday!

For some years I have made soaps and other bathing products, mostly for family and friends and over the last 18 months or so have jumped through all the hoops and legislation of safety certification, insurance, EU registration etc etc etc (there are a lot of legalities to comply with if you want to sell your stuff and rightly so) and so for a while now I have been ‘legal’ and decided it was time to get out there.

So I went to my first craft fair as a producer and seller and had a really good day:


I haven’t given up the ‘day job’ of teaching but this is something I enjoy and wanted to see if I could develop a little.

It was a great day and other stall holders were lovely and friendly.

It was hot but the shade of the gazebo helped.    Flo was my assistant for the day:


As a thank-you I took her to see The BFG at the cinema yesterday – lovely film and she enjoyed it hugely.

I hope you all had a good weekend.

Until tomorrow…



8 thoughts on “Craft fair fun

  1. fantastic, and congratulations! I hope you can turn it into a big money maker :O) You could be the next Anita Roddick.

    Oh Flo and her gorgeous hair. What a fabulous helper to have. x


  2. What a lovely thing to do. The stall looks great and I’m glad it went well. It’s nice if you can take a step further with a hobby isn’t it. Flo is gorgeous. I’d have bought something just because she was helping on the stall 🙂 xx


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