And then there was…



Eight pots of strawberry and three pots of raspberry and a strong urge to put jam on everything!

And fresh raspberries and strawberries with natural yoghurt for breakfast every morning.   I do love summer fruit.

I have now picked two large tubs of blackberries from the garden and the apples are starting to fall from the tree so more jam making is planned – blackberry and apple – or windfall jam as I labelled it last year.    A classic combination, I do equal weight of fruit and it has proved popular with OH and Flo.   I have been picking the blackberries every day for a week.   I get a small bowlful each day and put them in the freezer.  There is enough now to make a few pots.     We never seem to eat puddings like crumbles or pies in the colder weather so I would rather make up lots of jam as I know that will get used and it is useful to have lots of pots of homemade jam to pad-out Christmas gift bags.

I hope you are all having a good week.

Until tomorrow…



5 thoughts on “And then there was…

      1. It is the first time I have taken Flo. She has picked blackberries before now, in the garden and in fields behind the house we used to live in but this was her first time of proper fruit picking and she did enjoy it.


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