A little indulgence…

To help the day along.


Is there a better way to eat homemade strawberry jam than as part of a cream tea?

I think not!    The scones were also homemade, the clotted cream from the supermarket (lack of dairy cow in the garden means I can’t make my own cream!).

I  might have gone back for seconds – don’t judge me, it was just so tasty.  And, and, and, (she says desperately trying to mitigate her greediness) when I was in Cornwall for a fortnight recently I only had 2 cream teas.  Two in two weeks – that is not nearly enough so I had some catching up to do, didn’t I…?

We have a late night planned tonight – there is a Harry Potter themed event from 10.30pm in Bath Place, Taunton.

Bath Place is a lovely little alleyway off the main high street, with lots of quirky little shops and tonight it becomes Diagon Alley leading to Brendon Books (independent book seller) which is hosting a midnight Harry Potter party.    Flo has just finished the third Harry Potter book and is about to start no.4 so we are all off there tonight and she is super excited.   I am hoping the excitement will keep her going for it is not usual for her to be heading out for a party at 10.30pm!   Nor is it usual for me – I have distant memories of such activities but that seems like another lifetime now and the parties I was heading to were not innocent Harry Potter parties!

I digress, so a late night and lots of wizarding fun … so tomorrow could be a lazy day.

I hope you are all having a good weekend.

Until tomorrow…



6 thoughts on “A little indulgence…

  1. Gosh, you must have good will power. Only 2 cream teas in 2 weeks. I could easily do 2 a day 🙂 We’ve had scones and jam here today as well. Scones were homemade but not the jam. Sounds like a fantastic evening you have planned. I bet Flo is really excited isn’t she. It’s been a long time since I’ve been out at midnight. In fact I think it could well have been a New Year’s Eve Do at least 10 years ago. Now I’m feeling really old. xx


    1. The small number of cream teas on holiday had more to do with too many pasties and lots of fish and chips rather than will power – I just didn’t have room!

      Flo really enjoyed the HP event, and we did too actually. I haven’t read the books – this is reading she is doing to OH, I do the Enid Blytons! She has only read the first three so far and is about to start on number 4 (we bought it last night). She gets to see the film after she had read the book.


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