The best laid plans…

And all that.

I am not getting round to blogging as often as I intend at the moment.    With Flo off on holiday I try to avoid too much screen time during the day.    She is not allowed much screen time – she doesn’t have any gadgets of her own but is allowed small amounts of time on my laptop or OHs tablet – and I don’t like to be a hypocrite by having screen time when I tell her she can’t.  If I am doing actual work then that is different.

I did have plans to get up super early each day and blog before she and OH are up and about but that hasn’t happened.   It is odd really, during term time I regularly get up at 5am in order to have some peace to get things done before the rush of getting ready for school or work begins, but during this holiday I have just been getting up when I wake up and taking a very leisurely approach to the day!

We are off to Hestercombe Gardens today (just me and Flo).  They do various craft classes on Tuesdays during the holidays and we will also go for a nice walk around the gardens, do the summer trail and take a picnic.

I hope you all have a good day.

Until tomorrow (possibly)…





4 thoughts on “The best laid plans…

  1. it’s funny isn’t it. Usually I’m awake and up around 6, but lately I’ve been waking up later and getting up at a very slow pace! I’ll try to get back to normal next week. I feel as if I’m wasting time some days.

    Enjoy your leisurely days xx


    1. That is interesting that you feel you are wasting time some days because I too feel guilty that I am not up and doing by 7am – funny isn’t it! We really shouldn’t feel guilty about taking it a bit easier when there is no school run to do! x


  2. I would just go with the flow and enjoy your leisurely get-ups. I wake up late anyway compared to a lot of people so my lie in times are far too embarrassing to admit to!

    I like that you’re leading by example with Flo re. gadgets. I think I once asked you if she played minecraft – she probably doesn’t even know what it is does she lol. Thomas is very much a gadget boy but Amy preferred to be doing different things when she was little.

    The one rule I have is no phones at the table at home or if we eat out, although it’s flexible where Thomas is concerned if he’s having one of his fidgety moments. It’s amazing how many families we see when we’re out, all with their heads down, all on their phones not talking to each other at all. Even worse is when the parents are doing it and the children are just sat there staring into space being completely ignored. They even carry on when their meal has arrived. Just don’t get that at all.

    Hope you enjoyed your day out at Hestercombe Gardens. xx


    1. She has heard of Minecraft but hasn’t played it. She does get to play the games and quizzes on the CBBC website for an hour or so at the weekend. But I am quite strict, and I know some people would think probably too strict, but we each have to do what we think is right for our own. I’m not totally dismissive of gadgets and I know that they have benefits but I also know they can be great time wasters and leave us all, not just children, slightly hyped and wired so its about balance really isn’t it. I’m with you about phones – I have never understood why people feel the need to have their phone by their side 24/7 and especially at meal times.


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