Books, flowers and more…

The school summer holidays march on, going so faster than I would like.

We have busy days, we have quiet days – all in all a good mix.

It was my birthday a earlier in the week, OH spoiled me with some lovely flowers, a bottle of champagne and some good reading material:


I also got taken out for a ritzy ditzy afternoon tea – which was a lovely gesture by a very kind friend.  And there were other thoughtful gifts from lovely friends and family.

We have a busy few days ahead next week with some friends arriving to visit but it will be good to see them.

I am watching a lot of Olympic action – it is surprising how easy it is to get totally engrossed.   So far I have really enjoyed the swimming, diving, gymnastics and the rowing.   The judo has been great – my father and brother were both competitive in judo in their day (brother going further competitively that father did but they both had their moment).   I also surprised myself by getting quite excited by the fencing the other day!   Tonight sees the start of the velodrome cycling (the road races and time trials were also lots of fun) but I do love the atmosphere in a velodrome.   And the athletics kicks off tomorrow I think so lots of good stuff to come.

My own sporting achievements – at junior school I won the three-legged race every year with my friend SB.   Quite how we did it I am not sure as she was very tall and I was very short – but we had a certain style and won four years in a row!!!  I clearly peaked far too young because I have been rubbish at sport every since…

I hope you are all having a good week.    I need to catch up on my blog reading as I am very behind.




12 thoughts on “Books, flowers and more…

  1. Running with bean bag on the head was the only thing I was any good at!
    I’m loving the Olympics too and The Hogs Back Mystery is a good read.


    1. Running with a bean bag on the head does sound tricky!

      I think the BL crime classic series and the Persephone series are my favourite books now, great reads and they look nice on a shelf!


  2. Happy Belated Birthday! The flowers are lovely and champers and something to read are always a hit. Can’t recall one race I won at school, I was rubbish at things like that, but I was on every sports team going because I was pretty good with hand/eye co-ordination in ball games. Gymnastics is my favourite to watch by a mile, they make it look so easy.


    1. Thank you!

      They really are – I don’t know where the days are going and I am managing to blog about once a week – and as for making and crafting, I have taken two weeks to knit half a sleeve of a short sleeve cardigan! (But I still don’t want the holidays to end – and that is not just because I don’t want to face the new shoes/trainers/uniform/PE kit bill!)


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