I am a very poor blogger at the moment.

Because of the school holidays (and too much Olympic watching) I am not getting an awful lot of making or crafting done.   There is a cardi on the go which will, hopefully, be finished in the next week but other than that  – not a lot.   Every other day I go in to the garden and pick a huge bowl of blackberries to make jam – don’t get round to making the jam so now have a freezer full of blackberries because I can’t waste them!

I might get round to jam making tomorrow. I was thinking of doing a car boot sale as I have a lot of stuff to get rid of but the weather isn’t looking great so will probably postpone until/if we get better weather in the next couple of weeks.

Flo has been very busy crafting however.   She has been  busy making flags!   Flo is a little bit flag obsessed.   Her interest does go beyond flags – geography generally she finds fascinating and she pretty much knows where every country in the world is on the map (even obscure tiny countries many of which I have to confess I had probably never heard of) and she knows ALL the flags.

Just over a week ago she decided she wanted to make ALL the flags – and she is working on this project regularly every day (we are getting out and about doing stuff but when we are at home it is all about the flags).    Much coloured paper and card has been bought and used.   She has made about 80 so far and knows exactly how many she still has to go.


I am fighting a losing battle in terms of keeping the sitting room carpet tidy but she is happy so who cares!

And generally speaking she is being much more productive than me at the moment!

Quite what we are going to do with all the flags once she has finished I have no idea…

I hope you have all had a good week.



10 thoughts on “Flags

  1. What you need is a Filofax! Sorry, my current obsession has taken over there – but perhaps she could make them into a small book by putting them into a ringed binder.


  2. it’s screaming ‘turn me into bunting’!

    Love that she’s enjoying making flags so much. And quite right, a bit of mess doesn’t hurt. Last week when Violet and I were sewing in the living room it looked horrific, but neither of us cared one jot!

    Blogging world is extremely quiet right now. x


    1. She suggested bunting! And, no, the mess is fine – I don’t mind mess if something interesting has been done to create it, everyday thoughtless messiness is another matter!

      Yes, it is quiet at the moment, I guess people are enjoying the summer – or the Olympics – too much!


  3. Goodness, that’s dedication, well done Flo. I’d be interested to know how many flags there are in the world, so when she’s completed her task maybe she could let me know. They remind me of a song Thomas is obsessed with at the moment and which Flo would probably enjoy. It’s ‘Animaniacs – Nations of the World – YouTube’. It’s a cartoon cat singing all the countries of the world and he goes faster and faster. Even I was impressed. xx


  4. What a lovely thing to be doing, especially during the olympics. Bunting sounds good, but a file if she wants to keep them long term. As long as mess is a happy mess…such as baking who cares…dumped mess is another matter though! x


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