48 hours

In 48 hours we should… have internet at home again!

It will be nice to blog regularly again, get on with work emails without waving OHs phone around in the air trying to get a signal (thick walls in new [though very old] house makes mobile signal a bit rubbish) and trying to type with one hand.

The unpacking is progressing.  We have more space here so I am trying to get things nicely organised from the outset – which makes it a slower process but ultimately will make life a bit easier in the long run.

We have painted some furniture.   There is nothing like seeing your belongings hauled on and off a removal van for making you want to freshen things up a little!

And today I have baked a loaf of bread – there is something about baking that helps to make you feel that you have begun to settle in a new home, I feel.

48 hours and counting…



One thought on “48 hours

  1. I’m reading this on the 15th, so hopefully you now have internet? Having a rubbish signal is worse than no signal I think as I like to know where I stand 🙂 Good idea to take your time and get everything sorted out properly. xx


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