A return to the 21st century

Okay, so having no internet for the best part of a month didn’t really plunge me in to the dark ages – but it was very annoying.

Internet and telephone are finally connected and we are back in the land of communication.

It feels like ages since I have blogged properly.   Once the school summer holidays had started it was clear to me that there wasn’t going to be time to blog daily and two weeks before they ended we had our internet prematurely cut-off so it has been a couple of months since I have blogged on daily basis.

I am now wondering what I used to be able to write about every day!

A catch up of the last little while will emerge, I guess, over the coming days – although mostly it has all been about the move.

The summer holidays were great, always fun to spend time with Flo.   The move was, as moves always are, very hectic and chaotic.  It felt much harder work this year than it did last year – I am not sure why as we didn’t move as far (just across town this time rather than across several counties) and we moved in to a bigger house rather than a smaller one.  Maybe it just felt harder because it seemed like we had only just unpacked when we were packing again.

There are still quite a few boxes to deal with – mostly book boxes and a few miscellaneous ones, they should be sorted by the end of this week.  I don’t like living with disorder.

I made a lot of jam over the summer, we went strawberry and raspberry picking back in July and made lots of jam and the back garden (of the old house) had lots of blackberries and an apple tree so there was also lots of windfall jam, I think I made 20 jars of windfall jam before we moved.  There were two full boxes of preserves packed and unpacked.   Luckily none of them broke as that would have been messy.

No fruit growing in the garden here so I will have fewer jars to deal with in the future.

I also have more work this academic year – which I am looking forward to.   In fact I am off to Exeter today to teach the first class of a module on Gaskell, Eliot and Dickens – really looking forward to it.

I hope you all have a good day.

Until tomorrow…




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