The end is in sight!

Which is a positive thing, rather than ‘The End is Nigh!’ which would be much more doom-laden.

Boxes!    Not that many left to do.


There are 3 piles of boxes like this left to tackle – one in my study (I wont have to use the dining room as a study any more – I have my own room!), a similar pile in the dining room and a similar pile in one corner of the kitchen.

I aim to get them all sorted today.

I would also like to get some washing on the line but I am not sure what the weather is planning to do.

Anyone watching Cold Feet?  I didn’t watch it the first time round but have enjoyed this series so far.

Off to stretch my unpacking muscles some more…

Until tomorrow, have a good day. x


4 thoughts on “The end is in sight!

  1. Must be very satisfying to see the boxes dwindling as the days go by. I’m not watching Cold Feet as I didn’t watch it the first time round and wasn’t sure I’d get it. I am watching Poldark, Our Girl and of course the GBBO. xx


  2. oof, that’s a lot of hard work. Potentially the grimmest part of moving .. THE BOXES!

    No, I’m not watching Cold Feet. Didn’t watch it the first time round and it still doesn’t appeal to me. I am loving Victoria though. Even if the young girl is far too pretty for Victoria, and Rufus far too beautiful for Lord M! Minor details, it’s so watchable.

    good to see you back. x


    1. It seemed much harder this time than last!

      Oh Rufus Sewell – did you ever see him in the BBC adaptation of Middlemarch about 20 years ago> That was wonderful, with Juliet Aubrey as Dorothea. A friend of mine made me a Rufus Sewell book mark – put a picture of him on some card, laminated it and even added a tassel – I still have the bookmark. RS has been a longtime crush of mine!


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