The first of the year

Bugs – the first one of the school year has caught up with us.

Flo woke up with morning with  a raging fever and snot production in overdrive.

She has a stinker of a cold, and really high temperature.  So it has been a day in bed/on the sofa for her.   Her temp is coming down now, we didn’t give her any medicine as it is best for fevers to burn themselves out if a child can cope with it and isn’t at risk of fitting or anything serious.   She has been lethargic but has been drinking plenty, though not eating.

There is a lot of sniffing and snuffling coming from the sofa, as I type, but she has asked for a book and says her headache is better so I think is on the mend.

That’s the thing with kids they can rally almost as quickly as they go downhill.

Luckily today I was only teaching for a couple of hours first thing and OH was a able to work from home until I got back.

I had planned an afternoon of lecture writing for next week but I can catch up over the weekend.

Hope you are all having a good day.

Until tomorrow…




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