Who knew?

Inspired by the technical challenge in Bake Off this week we made a sort-of-Bakewell Tart yesterday.

I have always loved Bakewell Tart but haven’t made one in years so when we were watching Bake Off last week and it came up as the technical challenge I said, to OH and Flo, ‘let’s make one at the weekend’.

OH said ‘yes’, Flo said ‘can we put chocolate on it?’   Flo doesn’t think a cake is worth bothering with unless it has chocolate on it.

My instant reaction was ‘no’ because a chocolate bakewell just wasn’t right but then, after a little consideration I thought, ‘why not’.   Chocolate and almonds work together so why not replace the icing with a chocolate ganache?

So yesterday we followed the traditional Bakewell recipe with almond pastry, (homemade) raspberry jam and frangipane filling.  Once baked and cooled we topped it with a chocolate ganache made with equal quantities of dark and milk chocolate and cream.


Oh my, how delicious!    A chocolate frangipane tart works  – who knew?  (Okay, so it looks a bit rough round the edges but it tasted great!)

I hope you all had a good weekend.

Until tomorrow…



12 thoughts on “Who knew?

  1. Looks delicious. I’m with Flo, chocolate always makes things better. I’ve never made a proper Bakewell. I make mine with pastry crust, jam and then an almond flavoured sponge top…sometimes add a couple of ounces of ground almonds in the mix. I’m the only one who likes marzipan and as frangipan is a softer version I’m not sure my family would eat an authentic Bakewell tart. Of course I’d eat it…but a whole tart would not be good for my waistline. Is there any of yours left today, or did it taste as good as it looks? Love Helen xx


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