Lost and found

We had some upset this week when we lost one of our cats.

They both went out early Monday evening but only one came back at bedtime.   OH waited up and then went out looking but the missing one was nowhere to be seen.

He didn’t turn up Tuesday morning and so the week rolled on with no sight of him, both myself  and OH went out looking for him at various times each day.  We did all the obvious things of contacting local vets, listing him as missing on the cat rescue websites and knocking on neighbours doors.

By this morning I think we all thought we would never see him again.   We have all been upset and Flo particularly so.

I was just starting to cook lunch this morning when I looked out in to the garden and there he was.

I called OH and Flo, opened the back door and the cat came running to the door.  We had imagined all sorts, most probably that he had been run over but the way he was running down the garden made us think that he hadn’t been hurt at all.

However, when he got closer to us we could see that he had, in fact, been in the wars, it was clear he had lost an eye.   One side of his face was very matted, oozing pus and fluid and quite simply a mess.

We got him in the car carrier and took him straight to the emergency vet.   He has lost an eye and tomorrow morning will have an op to clear up the wound, take away what is left of his eye and surrounding tissue and be stitched up.    He is, otherwise(!) unharmed and should go on to live a good life with just one eye – cats can and do.   He is very subdued – unsurprisingly.   The vets gave him some antibiotics to make a start on the infection and some pain relief but said we could bring him home tonight as there was nothing to be gained by keeping him at the vets overnight and he would probably be happier at home now that he had finally managed to make his way back to us from wherever he went.

The vet said it looked most like a fight wound – our cats have never fought with neighbouring cats and have even let the cat next door to us come in and eat their food!  But he must have strayed on to another cat’s territory and came in for a whole world of hurt.

We have let him have lots of small amounts of food – he was starving and had lost considerable weight.  We have now had to put the food away as he needs to be starved for the anaesthetic in the morning.

We really thought we had seen the last of him and were delighted to have him home.   The way one side of his face looks at the moment is quite upsetting but once it is cleaned up, tidied up and stitched up tomorrow it will be better.

I guess he is going to look like one badass cat with a big old scar face but he couldn’t be more of a wuss really.

But he is home, he is safe and tomorrow he will get fixed up.

Welcome home Smudge cat!



14 thoughts on “Lost and found

  1. Poor cat. I’m so glad he found his way home to you. He must have tried so hard and when you opened the door and he realised he was home I’m sure he was just as relieved to see you as you were him. Hopefully he’ll make a quick recovery.


  2. Oh what a horrible thing to have happened. I hope the operation went well this morning. I’m sure Flo will make an excellent nurse and Smudge will be back to his normal self soon. xx


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