Thank you for all the kind messages about Smudge cat yesterday.

The op to tidy up his face took about an hour and a half apparently!   But he came round well from the anaesthetic and we were able to collect him at 6.30pm yesterday evening.

His face will look pretty unpleasant for a while yet as they had to shave a lot of his face fur to be able to do what they had to do,there is a lot of swelling, the wound looks very inflamed and there are, of course, stitches.   He has to wear a cone collar for two weeks.

So all in all we have a pretty sad looking cat right now.


He is eating, although he finds it hard with the collar and he is taking his pain medication and antibiotics without any trouble.   Instructions are to keep him inside until the collar comes off in two weeks and  we will be going back for regular check-ups over that period to make sure the infection starts to clear up and that the wound heals.

He is now clumsy cat because the collar is interfering with the peripheral vision in his one eye so he does keep bumping in to things.   He also keeps walking backwards and pushing at the collar with a paw in the hope of slipping it off.    So he is not moving around a huge amount because walking in to stuff is not fun and the walking backwards is not working.

But he is home, he is safe and he will be fine, it will just take a little time.

I wont be boring you all with daily updates but after the kind messages yesterday I thought I would let you know how things were.





12 thoughts on “Update

  1. Thanks for the update! Hoping all goes well. Best wishes for the patient!
    (when our dog had to wear a cone he used to shake his head vigorously – often in the middle of the night – and the cone went wuggawuggawuggawugga! Guaranteed to wake up everyone…)


  2. oh poor Smudge. I’m glad he was able to find his way home. Oh cats, I love them, but they can be evil to each other. I’m so, so glad Dudley is an indoor cat. He goes out for supervised outside time, and has at times managed to spot another cat in his garden, make chase, and jump over the fence. Luckily, he’s an idle lump, so usually just lurks over the other side of the fence probably laughing as he hears my panicky calling from the other side.
    One day I may blog about a cold night last December. It involved midnight. Violet being sick. Dud being a pain. rain. Bill with a light attached to his head. A ladder. and the police. Oh yes. Cats. Full of tricks! ;o)
    Speedy recovery Smudge. Poor little one eyed cat. x


    1. I think Smudge will be less adventurous from now on. He is still very subdued – unsurprisingly, and is on lots of pain medication and antibiotics so it will be a while before we know for sure how much this incident changes him.

      I am now intrigued – that sounds like a story that needs to be told!


  3. I have been catching up with everyone’s blogs OMGoodness poor Smudge!!!!!!! you must be worried sick, I wish you both well and please do keep us all informed on how he’s doing x


    1. Thank you. He had a check up today with the vet, the infection is beginning to subside and his temperature is coming down nicely. He has been eating and today there was some litter tray action – which was clearly needed as he seemed brighter after this!!

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