Back to the fun stuff.

Well, fun for me, as I have managed to get on with some knitting lately.



Is full of wool that needs using up.

So I thought another pair of these was in order:


Knitted slippers.

I made them in this colour previously:


and these are still fine and in good condition but I thought I would make myself another pair for when these are in the wash – it is definitely slipper weather now.


Simple pleasures!

Smudge cat is continuing to recover well.   He is still on pain relief (for another couple of days) and antibiotics for another 3 days.

The eye is healing really well, all the swelling has gone down, and the fur is just beginning to grow back.  He had another check-up with the vet last night and all is good.  Another week and the surgical collar/cone can come off for good and we can let him go outside again – that’s the bit that worries me.

Hope all is well with you and yours.




10 thoughts on “Back to the fun stuff.

    1. It is a lot of wool, should keep me busy for months. OH wants some socks and I have plenty of dark wool for that, Flo wants some slipper socks so I should be able to do that and she needs a new hat, scarf and glove set so I think that will be first on the list.


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