It’s back

I know it is not popular with everyone but The Walking Dead returned last night.

It was brutal and if it continues in that vein I might give up on it.   The sneak peak of the next episode looks calmer but Negan was too much.

We shall see…

To other news – the one-eyed-cat continues his recovery.   His wound is healing nicely and the fur is beginning to grow back so his face is not so upsetting to look at.   When the fur has grown back completely it will just look like he has one eye closed, unless you know otherwise or look very closely.

His collar/cone is now off and the vet has said he can now go outside if he wishes.   We opened the back door for him today but he just walked in to the other room.   Time will tell how much this experience changes him but I am quite happy for him to stay inside and stay safe.

It is half term this week (and next, Flo gets two weeks).  I am working here and there but OH can work from home so there is no major problem with child care.   I didn’t have to work today so Flo and I walked to the swimming pool for a swim and then in to town for a little bit of shopping.  She found a couple of novels in the charity shop that caught her eye so we bought them.  Set in a girls boarding school but murder mysteries – written for children I hasten to add.  She is quite excited to be reading some ‘proper crime fiction like you mummy’!    That’s my girl.

I do seem to have lost my blogging mojo lately, a bit out of sorts with myself generally, it will either come back or it wont but I am grateful to those of you who do still read when I put up a post.

I hope you are all having a good week.






10 thoughts on “It’s back

  1. half term here too, but Violet only gets a week. Such a shame, I can’t believe it’s already Wednesday. I love that Flo wants to be like you with her books, that’s so sweet. The blogging mojo will come back. I think it leaves us all for a while, but it does return :O) xx


    1. The time is flying by. Have just read your lovely London day out posts. I think there is something wonderful about having a tradition of doing something a little out of the ordinary and appreciating it for the special treat it is x


  2. Mark is a massive fan of Walking Dead but even he was left reeling at the end of it. I don’t usually watch it unless I happen to be around when it’s on but because he kept going on about it I put it on. It was horrible but I found myself glued to it.

    Glad Smudge has recovered. Hope Flo enjoys her books. Lucky girl having 2 weeks off school. xx


    1. It was a brutal episode. Thank you, yes, Smudge is doing okay. He has been outside a few times now (gulp!) but so far has gone no further than halfway down the garden. I will be quite happy if he keeps to this!


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