A catch-up

It has been another week or so since I last posted – the days seem to fly by.

Half-term came and went.  It was a good break for Flo.  She had a few days out either with me or OH but we didn’t manage a day out all three of us together because of work.

Smudge cat continues to do well, his face his healing up nicely and the fur is growing back.  He is, for now, still very much a house cat.   He goes outside maybe once a day but no further than halfway up the garden.   The vet had predicted that by now he would have been back to his old adventurous self but there is no sign of that yet.   It is hard to know for sure if his experience has changed him completely but it has certainly meant that he is staying very close to home for now – something which we are quite happy with as we don’t want to go through something like that again.

I am having a very busy time at the moment.  I am doing lots of teaching – having one or two teaching commitments each week day now which I am enjoying enormously after having such a quiet year over the last (academic) year.   I knew that after the move it would take a while to get myself sorted with work and it is good that it is now all falling in to place.    Although sometimes one gets a reminder to be careful what we wish for as I am super busy at the moment with lots of weekday teaching, as just mentioned, some Saturday day schools and weekend residential teaching commitments over the next few weeks and lots of weekend craft fairs for the soap and bath bomb business meaning full weekends last weekend, next weekend, the weekend after that and three more weekends in the run up to Christmas.

I haven’t had much time to catch up on other blogs so now, at 3am, I am off to do some blog reading!   Insomnia has got the better of me tonight!   The wind is howling round the house tonight, but I am cosy in a big fluffy dressing gown, the fire is lighted, I have got some work by my side to get on with – I might as well make use of the time if I am awake – and I have the BBC USA election coverage on in the background and as I type Trump has 150 electoral college votes against Clinton at 109 – I wonder how many Americans are looking in to Canadian citizenship right now?  President Trump, surely not?

Hope you are all well.



7 thoughts on “A catch-up

  1. time does fly. I’m glad you’ve been good-busy.

    Rainy here today, and on hearing the news this morning, it seems incredibly appropriate. I’m keeping TV switched off, and will avoid news on the internet as much as I can. Going to ignore the news and hope it goes away!

    I’ve not updated my blog since the weekend, keeping busy with my pre Christmas deep cleaning. So nothing new from me.

    glad Smudge is doing well. And no, there is nothing wrong with him wanting to stay close to home and you being happy with that. The reason Dudley is an indoor cat is because our previous cat Janine went out one day and never came back. Even now, when we go to Chelmsford, I feel that ache of sadness when we pass our old home. I never want to go through that again. So Dud stays close, he is happy with that, and so are we! (He does have supervised time out in the garden most days, that keeps him satisfied).


  2. Glad to hear Smudge is on the mend. I’m not sure I’d want him to venture too far after what had happened poor thing.

    Sounds like you have a busy time ahead of you, although the craft fairs sound fun. Will Flo be helping you out again?


    1. No, we are happy for him to be a house cat if that is what he wants.

      Craft fairs are proving to be fun. The next couple I am doing involve very early starts on a Sunday so Flo wont be with me for them but I am doing some very locally in December so she might come along with me then!


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