Mystery gift

It has been a few weeks since I have been here.

No big dramatic reason, just  crazy busy and the longer I went without blogging the harder it seemed to get going again.

Christmas approaches and the house is looking suitably festive.  We have a record three trees this year – it wasn’t the original plan.  The plan was for 2 – one for the dining room and one for the sitting room.   But somehow a third crept in and found its way in to Flo’s bedroom.   So three rooms to clear pine needles from for the next three weeks or so.  They do all  look lovely though.

It seems as though my guilty three tree secret was known by someone before my writing it here as this arrived in the post this morning:


I have no idea where/who this came from but it couldn’t be more appropriate!



7 thoughts on “Mystery gift

  1. These girls and their own Christmas trees. Amy has a small one in her bedroom as well. LIke the mug – are you part of a secret santa group or do you have a secret admirer who likes to send you gifts? xx


  2. perfect mug! But I’m with you on the tree thing. The more the merrier. It’s only once a year, and if you have to hoover pine needles well into summer, ah, it’s just a happy reminder!

    By the way, you are so right. Whenever I take a blog break I find it so hard to get back into it again. x


    1. Hello! You’re right it is only once a year and it is fun! I have hardly been reading blogs either so I really want to get back in the swing of things as I have missed both the writing and the reading. x


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