There was a lot of pink on Friday.

It was the funeral of OH’s sister and her boys had requested that people didn’t wear black.  She was always colourful and they wanted her send-off to be colourful.   There was a lot of pink (her favourite colour) in that church – everyone looked amazing.   The 60 strong choir she was a part of sang two wonderful songs and made all the hymns sound wonderful too.

Her boys  handled the occasion with such grace and dignity, it was wonderful and heartbreaking all at the same time.

Image result for gerberers

Gerberers were some of her favourite flowers so Flo had a small posy of them which she placed on the coffin, when it was at the altar, with incredible composure for a not quite 9 year old.

And so we move on…




14 thoughts on “Pink

  1. Thinking of you all. I found that the best way to cope was to move on in my own way and at my own pace, regardless of those who thought I should be ‘ back to normal’ in a time frame of their making.


    1. Thank you. I think you are absolutely right – this is obviously much harder for the boys, and harder for OH than for me, as it is his sister. But everyone will move forward in their own way, in their own time.


  2. No getting away from the sadness…which maybe is what we need during a time of grieving…I wish you all the power of comfort during this period of great emotional turbulence. x


  3. It sounds a beautiful service and well done to Flo for honouring the memory of her aunt in such a dignified way. I think this can be the hardest part, when the funeral is over and people drift back to their lives and routines, yet those closest still have so many emotions to deal with. I hope you’re all able to take strength from each other. xx


    1. Thank you. I was very proud of Flo. I think you are right, it is that adjustment to a new normal that is hard – obviously much harder for her boys. But OH is finding it very hard too. Time etc etc…


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