Familiar things.

I have been quite productive with my knitting in recent weeks.  I do find knitting very relaxing.


OH is pleased as this means more socks for him.


The weeks seem to be racing by – half term next week!  How did that happen so quickly.   And Flo will be 9 quite soon.

After the turmoil at the start of the year the days/weeks are settling down.

And just because:


Smudge the one-eyed cat having a face-off with Slush the enormous Beanie-Boo, Flo was most amused.

Have a good day.



12 thoughts on “Familiar things.

    1. We don’t have much planned – Flo and I are going to a friend who has two girls and having a big girlie sleepover (friend is on her own with her girls) and that is about it! The days will soon be filled though, I have no doubt.


  1. such a great photo of real and not so real cats!

    your sockage is fantastic. I’m full of awe for anyone who can knit like that.

    I know, half term already! Time is starting to fly by, and I’m really not ready for the weather to get even slightly warmer. Still hoping for snow! xx


  2. Lovely to hear from you, I feel as though I have missed seeing your blog for ages somehow, not sure if you have been away or if it has been me. Anyway, we are back together again! Hope all is well for you. Enjoy your knitting, your sock is fabulous!


  3. There is a lot of sock knitting going on out there – something I’ve never tried because I haven’t the belief in myself that I can handle more than 2 needles!

    Half term arrives for us this Friday. It honestly doesn’t seem 2 minutes since Amy and Thomas were returning after Christmas.

    I’m glad things seem to be settling down for you all. xx


    1. The sock pattern I use is for 2 needles – I have tried with the dpns and just couldn’t get the hang of it – if you are interested I can send you a link to the website.
      Yes, Christmas holidays do seem little more than a heartbeat ago!
      Thank you, yes, we are getting back in to a more settled routine again. x


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