When ceilings fall down.

The pictures say it all really.




Luckily no one was sitting at either the table or the piano, but Flo had been sitting at the piano 20 minutes earlier.   And it came down without warning.


Back soon.



16 thoughts on “When ceilings fall down.

    1. Your initial reaction not that different to mine! But I will confess to using quite a few more expletives – once I had stopped coughing. I had been in the next room, the kitchen, and just at the entrance to the dining room, about to walk through it and call Flo to set the table for dinner, I got a face, throat, eyes etc full of dust. When I could stop coughing I swore – a lot!


  1. Oh no! That would have really shook me up, but as everybody else has said thank goodness nobody was hurt. Have you had a leak in the past or did it just cave in of its own accord? xx


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