And why not

A little indulgence is okay now and then…


It was Flo’s birthday the other day – her birthday and I get the champagne?  Well, why not, it was my hard work that got her in to the world!!

I think I might make having a bottle of champagne on her birthday a tradition.

We are having a party for her next weekend.  We had to postpone it from the weekend just gone because of the whole ceiling fiasco.

But we are plastered – the ceiling that is – and it is being painted today so we can start getting the house back to normal.

Have a good day. x





6 thoughts on “And why not

  1. Champagne on Flo’s birthday – what a brilliant tradition to start and yes I agree, it’s blooming hard work getting them here so why do they get all the credit 🙂

    Glad to hear the ceiling is well on it’s way to being sorted out. Hope Flo enjoys her birthday. xx


  2. abso-blooming-lutely! There is always a reason for champs, and being responsible for brining a small person in the world is as good as any. Besides, Flo got the pressies!

    Glad the ceiling is getting better. Soon be nothing more than a bad memory xx


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