Time marches on

We are nearly at mid-March and I am still not quite sure what happened to Christmas.

Flo had a birthday party at the weekend, tile art painting, bath bomb making, a photo booth and then food, followed by disco dancing in the newly restored dining room.  The disco glitter ball was a big hit.  OH was sent off the dance floor very quickly when he tried a bit of dad-dancing.

We bought Flo a telescope for her birthday as she has been avidly watching episodes of The Sky at Night for months now on youtube.   She is really enjoying being able to look at the night sky with her new piece of kit.

Other than that things are pretty much ticking on as per usual.  I am busy with work and just gearing up to start attending craft fairs and fetes with my Natural Alchemy business.   There was a lull in January and February after a very busy run up to Christmas.  It will be nice to get back out again with my products.  I have been busy making plenty of stock since Christmas so am good to go.

Blogging mojo still not what it might be – I just don’t think I have anything interesting to write about (as this post shows – though not that this has ever stopped me before).

Anyway lessons for tomorrow to finish preparing then off to Exeter for an afternoon of teaching.

Back soon.




6 thoughts on “Time marches on

  1. I’m still mourning the passing of Christmas. Last year, more than any other, it seemed to go by in the blink of an eye. I even googled ‘Christmas websites’ today, just to get a festive fix.

    Aw, I’m glad Flo had a lovely birthday party. I think home parties are the best. Hard work, but the best.

    Losing my blogging groove again. I want to write something to get rid of the blurry photo I have on there at the moment,but my mind won’t work and I have no ideas. Well, sort of. I have two draft posts I could use but I’m not keen. I’ll think of something soon I hope.

    Enjoy your afternoon of teaching. x


    1. That’s so funny that you looked at Christmas websites to get a festive fix – just on Sunday I was thinking about what I might do different (in terms of the house) this coming Christmas!

      Yes, home parties are the best – but exhausting!

      I think I am fed up with myself at the moment making it even harder to think I can write anything anyone would want to read.


  2. Glad Flo enjoyed her birthday party, it sounds great fun. What a brilliant present. Was it a surprise or did she ask for a telescope. Only said to Mark today that I’ve no idea what I’ll blog about on Sunday. It’s been a very quiet week indeed. Good luck with the craft fairs, what a lovely hobby to have. xx


    1. It was a surprise, she doesn’t tend to ask for things – unusual but true. She has been getting increasingly fascinated with astronomy for some months now though so it wasn’t a difficult choice.xx


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