Cosy toes

It is feeling increasingly spring-like, which is lovely.

But it is not all bare feet and t-shirts yet.  So I have knitted myself another pair of slippers!


I have done these before in pink and blue and they are super cosy but it is nice to have a few pairs so that they can get thrown in the wash regularly.

Life plods on, lots of work and not enough time to relax but needs must.

Have a good day.




9 thoughts on “Cosy toes

  1. Isn’t it lovely to have a few sunny days and to feel a bit warmer? I’m still having a hot water bottle in bed, though, and wearing slippers around the house. Love your knitted ones. Are they done on 2 straight needles; I never have grasped the knack of knitting in the round? What pattern do you use, please? Here’s to more spring like days. Love Helen xx


    1. They are knitted on two needles so really easy – I can’t do the three needle thing either, the socks I knit are a two needle pattern. The pattern for the slips is one I tore out of a knitting magazine when I was decluttering. I can photocopy it for you and post it to you if you like? If you message me your address (which, obviously, I wont publish!) I can do that. x


  2. I always envy people who are able to knit things for themselves. Must be such a lovely talent to have at your fingertips. I’m with Louise, I’d wreck those sort of slips too easily. I’m forever forgetting I’m in my slips and wade outside, only realising when I’ve found a patch of mud!


    1. All of the knitting I do is pretty simple stuff – I always tend to knit in the evening when I am quite tired so complicated patterns would be a bad idea!

      Yes, these are not slippers to be heading outside to the garden in!


  3. The weather has been glorious recently. It has done me the world of good to breathe in that fresh spring air. Love the slippers. I must look for a pattern like that.


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