Goodness, how did that happen?

It has been weeks…

I am not quite sure where the weeks have gone or what I have been doing.

Well, I do know what I have been doing – lots of work.   Teaching and also craft fairs with the business.  It is all going well but it has been a bit non-stop.

The Easter holidays have been and gone – Flo is back to school today.

We did manage a few family days out and a few lazy days at home.   Chocolate was consumed, and hot cross buns.

My computer seemed to wipe all settings so I can’t leave comments on some of my favourite blogs without remembering passwords and stuff – which I can’t, and I can’t find my notebook with them written in.   So I have been reading my favourite blogs but not leaving comments.   So if I normally comment on your blog and haven’t for a while, that is why.  I will try and get this sorted.

Hopefully, back in a day or so…

Have a good day. x





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