A little bit of crafting

During my long absence from this blog I have managed to get a little bit of crafting done…


I have knitted lots of 100% cotton face cloths to sell with my soap.


They have proved quite popular and they look pretty on the stall at craft fairs.   Super easy to knit too!

Today is all about Virginia Woolf as I teaching lots of her novels over the coming months so am having a lecture writing day.

Have a good Friday. x


6 thoughts on “A little bit of crafting

  1. Your stall looks lovely and the facecloths are a great idea to go with the soaps. Did you take your little helper with you again? Hope you all had a lovely Easter. Just read your other post and I don’t know where the weeks go either lately.


    1. Thank you. Yes she did come with me, there were lots of children-friendly activities going on at this event so she had a ball. We did have a good Easter, hope you did too. I still seemed to be locked out from comment on blogs I read – whenever I type a comment I can’t get my ID recognised. I need to sort it out but not sure how! x


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