British Library Crime Classics

I had to do a little bit of book shopping yesterday…

It was a case of ‘had’ rather than ‘wanted’ as Flo has a birthday party to attend at the weekend and I needed to get a present for the birthday girl.

What I didn’t have to do was buy anything for either myself or Flo – but I did anyway.  I didn’t go mad though.  For me:



I have read the books by this author set in Cornwall and Sussex so thought I would give this one a go.

And for Flo:

Product Details


I like to think I am raising her right by encouraging a love of crime fiction!  She is really enjoying this series of murder mystery books for children.

This is the only one left in the series she has yet to read – ironically the first in the series.

Flo is currently reading this:


Product Details

Another murder mystery and a complete riot, I am loving it too.

Have a good day.




2 thoughts on “British Library Crime Classics

  1. good choices there. Love that Flo is reading such books too. If you ever see a ‘Violet Mackerel’ book, I highly recommend them. They are so funny!
    I’ve got Violet hooked on Malory Towers and hopefully, St. Clare’s. I collected both sets years ago, along with all the Famous 5 books, so it makes me really happy to see Violet reading and enjoying them.

    I bought Bill a BCL book one Christmas, can’t remember which one. He couldn’t get into it. Admittedly, I’d bought it because I thought the cover was really lovely, and I do like to judge a book by its cover!
    p.s loved your comment on my blog today!


    1. Snap with the Enid Blyton – I loved them all as a child and Flo loves reading them too. I have just looked up the Violet Mackerel books on Amazon, they do look good, I will show them to Flo and see if she would like to try them.

      The BL crime books do have such lovely covers!


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