I just had a big delete session of the spam section in the comments admin of this blog.

It is routine stuff – clearly computer generated and from dubious origins with naughty words in the links.

What made me curious was thinking about how random the computer generating is – I really have no idea how it works –  but the blog post of mine that generated the most amount of spam (over 150 comments) was the one I wrote recently when our dining room ceiling fell down.

150+ computer generated spam posts with suggestions of porn and sex in the message content.   It must be computer generated because the overall level of English and sentence structure is so bad and the same sort of message (with slight variations) is repeated over and over.  Why a ceiling falling down generated such a huge number of spam messages is beyond me.   I have re-read my post and there is nothing suggestive or saucy in the wording (the subject matter hardly warranted that!) but, my goodness, the content of some of the spam messages it received…

That’s it really, deleting them all made me wonder how it all works.   I usually get half a dozen or so of those a week, but a massive hike in response to that particular post – odd!

Luckily I have not received, ever (yet), any unpleasant personal-attack spam or trolling.

So it is amusing rather than troubling and slightly curious…





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