People say the funniest things…

Well, what I mean is that sometimes people can just be plain rude.

As well as teaching I have, as some of you might know, my own small business.

It evolved over a couple of years (lots of safety certification and legislation to comply with – understandably) and I now regularly do craft fairs and shows.  I make soap and other skin care and bathing products (all natural ingredients, many organic ingredients, essential oils [not fragrance oils]} so, all in all, products of really good quality.  The following are just some examples of what people have said to me at craft fairs I have done.

‘I could buy cheaper in Superdrug.’

‘I hate bath bombs.’

‘It’s all a bit boring.’

‘Why don’t you sell any Lush products?’

‘You should be a rep for Natural Living then you wouldn’t have to make your own stuff.’

‘I don’t use soap – messy, horrible stuff.’

‘Your house must really smell.’

However, all that said, there have been many more people who have been lovely (and bought my products) so all in all I enjoy doing it and later today will be making another batch of my latest soap – Honey and Calendula – which has proved very popular.

What astonishingly rude things have people said to you?

Have a good day






4 thoughts on “People say the funniest things…

  1. This did make me laugh. Although I must admit I must have said a few stupid things in my time.
    When I was unbelievably fortunate to fall pregnant with Lily I was discreetly trying to tell my supervisor at work when she bellowed across the office ‘What? Pregnant? YOU!!??’ That was nice. X


    1. Now that’s made me laugh (sorry!) but the way you have put ‘YOU’ in capitals and added the exclamation and questions really conveys the way that must have been said! Buy, hey, you got your Lily so ‘raspberries’ to the supervisor!


  2. Can’t think of anything off the top of my head but I’ve probably had loads of things said to me. Your list of comments made me laugh. Honey and calendula sounds lovely. I shall have to see if Superdrug or lush sell that lol. Xx


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